Road trip Nation Interview

For my interview I would like to talk to someone who works for one of the art museums in dallas. I always enjoy going to the DMA exhibits. I am really interested in who brings certain exhibits to the museum. Or I would like to tak to someone who studies linguistics in the area, although I have no idea what profession/company that would fall under. I would really like an internship next semester doing something that I am interested in. 

Book Proposal



Unschooling is the process of allowing children to learn through life experiences instead of going to a traditional school. The difference between unschooling and homeschooling is that in homeschooling you will learn everything that you would in a normal school, just at a different pace. Whereas, unschooling teaches more life lessons and hands-on activities that can benefit you later in life.


List of Chapters

  1. What it is
  2. Benefits
  3. How-to unschool
  4. How is it perceived?
  5. Is it right for YOUR children?


The target audience would be young (early 20s-30) parents who are looking for a more realistic approach to teaching their children about the world around them. The competition is “The Unschooling Handbook: How to Use the Whole World As Your Childs Classroom”. From the excerpts I have read it does seem like a great tool to have for unschooling your children. 


My qualifications for writing this book are that I have grown up with some people that are my age and they were unschooled. I loved hearing about their process and then learning that there is a real method to unschooling, and it is not just doing whatever the children want to do that day. There really is an applicable use to what they are learning. You always hear “When am I going to use ‘A+B=C’ in real life?”. Unschooling teaches you what is necessary for a realistic life.

Bucket List

1.Go to Austria- I want to go to Austria because I am a quarter Austrian. My moms father is from Austria and when the whole Hitler thing was going on he and his family had to flee the country because his father was an army general or something. It was pretty much like in the Sound of Music where they had to leave the country because the captain was trying to be recruited by the Nazis. Anyway, Austria is kind of important to me because of that, oh and my parents got engaged in Austria as well.

2. Become an expert at something- I want to become an expert at something because my whole life I’ve never really been good at a lot of things and it would be beyond awesome for me if I found something that I was insanely good at.

3. Have a near death experience- Ive been in some weird situations before, but none were really life threatening. I want to have a near death experience because I want that thrill of coming out alive of something crazy.

4. Have tea with Jack White- Having tea with jack White might make my life complete ( not really but close) I love anything Jack White. I also dont care what anyone says about the White Stripes, they were awesome. Anyway, I just love his music and everything about it. He has such a unique and interesting style, who wouldn’t want to have tea with such a brilliant musician?

5. Learn how to fly a plane- When I was little my dad had a plane that he flew himself. It was just a little five person plane, but who else in preschool could say that their daddy had a plane? Anyway, he used to take me flying, and I dont remember too much about the plane besides that I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The plane lasted a few good years, but apparently he had bought it from some sketchy guy in Alaska so it had all kinds of problems. I remember having to make an emergency landing on the way to Florida once, that was the last time we ever used the plane. Anyway, I want to learn to fly because planes have a weird little place in my heart.

6. Win something awesome- I have literally never won anything. So I want to make sure that when the day comes that I finally do win something it is beyond awesome and it was worth waiting all these years of winning nothing.

7. Be at a point in my life when I am really down on my luck but I come out of it in the end- All my life I have had everything I have ever needed. I feel like it would be a real experience for me to have almost nothing at one point in my life. Because I know that for a very long time I took everything I had for granted, and I always knew that whatever trouble I could get into my parents would bail me out.

8. Live in England for a few years- Last year I took a trip to England and I fell in love. Ive been to other countries before and I have never had a feeling of truly fitting in somewhere. I loved it so much that I feel like I either need to study there for a year, or live there once im out of college.

9. Have a Basset Hound- I have never had a dog before because my mom doesn’t like dogs. And it sounds weird, but I feel like I can really relate to Basset Hounds. They are so sad looking, but they are also loving and friendly. Like me, I have been told that I have a sad face, whereas usually  I am in a great mood (I just dont happen to be smiling at the moment). Just like Basset Hounds.

10. Hijack a yacht and get away with it- Its just something that I feel like I need to do. Super weird, but It would just be so freeing to steal a yacht and float around for a few hours. I love thrill. And of course I would return it, I would hate for someone to be without their yacht.

I feel like I spend an appropriate amount of time doing everything. I have a lot of free time to use for studying because I do not have a job. I get plenty of sleep as well. I feel like I have a good balance of fun and work during the school week.

About Me

I’m Liz. I listen to too much sad folk music. I love The Beatles. Tim Burton movies. Fight Club. I like to wakeboard in the summer. I have three cats. I have a younger brother and sister. My first name is Mary, but I hate it. I really do not enjoy sports. I’m in a sorority. Pi Beta Phi. That’s pretty much it.