Bonus: Power Poses

A persons body language says a lot about what a person is thinking, but isnt going to say. I feel like body language is a better way to be able to tell what a person is thinking because a lot of the time people dont always say what is on their mind. Body language is kind like an open window to how you are feeling. Eye contact is also a good way to see how someone feels. Personally, I always make direct eye contact with people, just so that they know that I am actually listening to them



My take-away from my UGST class is that I need to decide on a major, which I still have not. But I feel like I might be closer to figuring it all out. A few things I have learned is that I know what I do not want to do. Which I think is stil a step in the right direction. I feel like I am still completely undecided but I also think I am more open to things that I wasn’t as open to considering before the UGST class. I would say all together I have learned a few important things


I learned in SMMC how to manage my funds and that there are classes on campus on how to make your funds last you through the semester. Some of her tips were helpful to me as far as saving my money goes and not spending money on things I do not need when I only have limited funds. 


To me spirituality is the belief or relationship you have with a greater entity. It is believing in something more than yourself and devoting yourself to whatever it is that you believe. Spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean you believe in God, or even an idol of another religion. Spirituality is simply believing in something more than yourself. 
I unfortunately was sick the day that the guest speaker was in class and did not get to heat the presentation, but I believe that I have a rather good take on my perception of what spirituality is. 


My role in RTN was basically just doing my share of the project. I feel like we shared equal roles in the group as far as putting everything together goes. My group was doing very well in the sense that everything we needed to do was accomplished successfully. 


Diversity is basically recognizing everyones different backgrounds without racism. I personally do dont have a very diverse background, unless you count being a quarter Austrian as diverse. 
I guess you could say that diversity is also where you come from and the way that you grew up/live. In that sense I could be considered somewhat diverse. I would in that case say that I did have a diverse upbringing based on the places I have been and the people I have met. I guess diversity is a somewhat relative term and can be taken in many different ways based on who you are and the way that you perceive things.